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Why Do You Need An Attorney For Guardianships?

It may be necessary to have an adult guardian appointed by the court, when adult family members become unable to care for themselves. The Law Office of Adam S. Bernick in Philadelphia assists families with obtaining permission from the court to serve as guardian. In Pennsylvania, whether or not the family member is in a nursing home or other assisted living care facility; a guardian can be appointed to care for the person, the person’s property or both.

In cases when all parties agree, naming a legal guardian can be relatively straight-forward. Our firm can be reached at 215-563-8783 or online and can assist you with petitioning the court to establish a guardianship. Also, if you are dealing with a matter of Medicaid estate recovery, we can help you understand your legal options.

However, you may need a guardianship attorney, if there is disagreement about who should serve as the guardian, whether there is a need for a guardianship, or if there is a dispute over the named guardian’s actions or inactions.

Common guardianship problems that our attorney has resolved include:

  • Family members challenging the person appointed to be guardian
  • Family members refusing to be named a guardian
  • The person declining to consent to a guardianship

What Is A State-Appointed Guardian?

When there are guardianship disputes that cannot be resolved, the court will appoint an attorney or other individual to act as guardian. On occasions the court will grant petitions from unrelated individuals, such as caretakers, who wish to be guardians of another person. In such circumstances, an adult guardianship lawyer can help draft the petition.

When a minor is due to inherit and there is no trust, a court-appointed guardian is required. In these circumstances, our firm can help establish guardianship of a minor’s estate.

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