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Advance Health Care Directives

Almost every week, a terrifying story in the news reminds us of the importance of maintaining control over our own health care and financial decisions. If you do not write down your health care wishes in advance, you risk decisions being made on your behalf by someone who does not know you, your preferences or your values.

How You May Benefit

An advance health care directive (ACHD) is the formal legal term for what many people call a “living will.” A living will contains your specific instructions to health care providers about the steps you do and do not want taken on your behalf in the event you become terminally ill or are incapacitated for a long period of time.

A living will may be as general or as specific as you wish. It could merely state your general wishes regarding resuscitation and life support. Or, it could describe in detail your wishes in certain specific circumstances. It may also be customized to reflect religious views and other personal beliefs.

Often, an advance health care directive is made in conjunction with a power of attorney document. A health care power of attorney designates a person to make health care decisions on your behalf. The chosen “health care agent” may be responsible for ensuring your living will is carried out according to its specific terms.

Learn More About Creating A Living Will

Located in Center City Philadelphia, the attorneys at the Law Office of Adam S. Bernick have years of experience helping clients with their health care and financial needs. We can make sure your health care wishes are explicitly expressed so there is no confusion or no inappropriate actions taken in regard to your life.

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