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Protecting Your Assets Through Medicaid Planning

At the Philadelphia Law Office of Adam S. Bernick, our principal attorney provides knowledgeable Medicaid planning. Our elder law attorney, Adam Bernick brings a special understanding of the planning needs of people hoping to preserve assets for the future while still qualifying for government benefits for nursing home and medical bills. To speak with an experienced and skilled Philadelphia Medicaid planning lawyer, contact us at the Law Office of Adam S. Bernick.

Planning Is Critical

Rising costs and increasingly complex regulations make it critical to have a skilled Medicaid planning attorney help you evaluate your options. Medicaid planning involves finding ways to preserve assets while receiving medical care. Ideally, this process is undertaken years in advance. However, even if an emergency arises, and you or a loved one are forced to go from the hospital into a nursing home, there are ways we can help you.

What If I Don’t Plan In Advance?

Even if it is too late to shelter all your assets, our skilled Medicaid planning lawyer can help. For example, you can learn from him what medical, personal, and nursing home expenses can be reimbursed, or are exempt from spend-down requirements. We can investigate nursing home plans that preserve some assets. Some techniques that we have used in Medicaid planning include reverse mortgages and annuities. Other approaches may include selling some assets, for which our attorney hires an appraiser on your behalf. Finally, if you or your family is required to reimburse the state for Medicaid expenses, our skilled attorney has been successful negotiating for a lesser amount. In all of these efforts to protect your assets, our skilled Medicaid planning lawyer attends hearings, reviews documents, and works hard to help you protect those assets you worked so hard to accumulate.

To speak with a skilled and effective Medicaid planning lawyer, contact us, the Law Office of Adam S. Bernick. Call 215-563-8783.