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Guiding You Through Trust Administration

The Law Office of Adam S. Bernick provides efficient counsel and representation during trust administration. We advise trustees in the administration of the trust and oversee the passing down of assets according to Pennsylvania law. In addition, we represent clients involved in disputes, as well as serve as a trustee or alternative trustee for families that need this service.

If you are seeking legal representation in any of these matters, contact our firm today at 215-563-8783. Our principal attorney has served the estate planning and administration needs of Philadelphia for nearly two decades.

Understanding The Trust Administration Process

Compared to the administration of a will, the trust administration process is straightforward. Families do not need to go through probate, which means there is no court involvement. In general, the administration of a trust is a simple matter of obtaining the records and distributing the assets according to the terms of the trust.

Sometimes, however, administering a trust is complicated by legal issues. If a beneficiary believes the trustee has mismanaged the assets, or acted in bad faith, litigation may be necessary. For example, a family member may file a claim against a trustee who withholds funds for personal gain.

Our firm is knowledgeable about trust administration and experienced in handling trust and fiduciary litigation claims. We can help minimize the emotional and financial consequences these disputes have on you and your family.

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