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Why Do You Need A Real Estate Lawyer?

Specialized real estate knowledge becomes necessary when there are family disputes regarding the ownership of property after death. In these circumstances, the estate cannot be settled until the dispute is resolved.

As a probate and estate administration attorney, the Law Office of Adam S. Bernick in Philadelphia has helped many clients sell or partition property after a loved one’s death in order to settle an estate. We have assisted in forcing the sale of the property through a court order, hired the realtor, reviewed all the documents, attended the real estate closing and distributed the proceeds of the sale to the heirs.

Our firm has managed conflict situations like these with sensitivity and knowledge of the legal options available to his clients.

Help With Other Real Estate Issues

Other conflicts where an experienced real estate attorney is critical include:

  • Purchasing or selling real estate
  • Establishing ownership
  • Obtaining a petition for ejectment to remove someone who is residing on the property and will not leave
  • Going to court to force a partition of the property

Adam Bernick provides experienced representation for clients involved in all types of ownership disputes and real estate transactions.

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