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Compassionate Legal Advice In Probate Administration

Among the many estate planning and elder law services we offer, the Law Office of Adam S. Bernick provides efficient counsel and representation during probate and trust administration.

We advise executors and personal representatives of estates during the probate process. Our law firm also works with the families of those who have died without a will or estate plan in place, providing compassionate, sound guidance through the intestacy process.

If you are seeking legal representation during probate administration, contact the Law Office of Adam S. Bernick at 215-563-8783.

What Does A Probate Lawyer Do?

After a death occurs, probate attorney Adam Bernick works with families and heirs to ensure that the wishes and plans of the deceased are carried out. Estate administration, whether handled by an attorney or by a family member, involves inventorying, valuation and sale of the estate assets, attending any real estate closings, settling with creditors, completing the necessary paperwork, and distributing property in accordance with the deceased’s will or estate plan — or according to Pennsylvania law.

The Trust Administration Process

Compared to the administration of a will, the trust administration process is straightforward. Families do not need to go through probate, which means there is no court involvement. In general, the administration of a trust is a matter of obtaining the records and distributing the assets according to the terms of the trust.

Solving Complex Probate Administration Issues

Sometimes, probating an estate is complicated by title issues, creditor concerns and other questions. For example, we have probated estates where creditors had attached liens to decedents’ property due to unpaid bills, welfare payments to nursing homes, or other debts.
In some cases, the creditor was the government of Pennsylvania, because state law allows the government to recover the cost of certain benefit payments.

If this happens to your family, it is important to contact a lawyer knowledgeable about probate administration to attend sworn hearings and minimize the financial consequences these claims have on the estate. We also are well-versed in elder law matters and estate litigation.

Local Administration Services For Out-Of-Town Clients

Attorney Adam Bernick has assisted many out-of-town clients who need a Philadelphia attorney to help with probate and estate administration work. If your loved one owned real estate or other assets in the Philadelphia area, you may require the services of a Philadelphia probate attorney to finalize the probate administration process.

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