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On What Grounds Can A Will Be Contested?

When contesting a will, there are many grounds to base the challenge, including:

  • Undue influence
  • Lack of capacity
  • Accusations of forgery

Estate litigation can arise from many different circumstances during the probate of a will. Someone may challenge another’s administration of an estate, disputing the administrator’s actions or inactions. For example, the administrator may be accused of theft from the estate, delay or breaching fiduciary duties.

Since 2003, Law Office of Adam S. Bernick has assisted with will contests in Philadelphia, offering sound legal advice and experience.

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As an experienced estate administration and probate attorney, Adam Bernick understands how a contested will can disrupt families in the difficult and stressful period following a loved one’s death. He knows Pennsylvania law extremely well as it relates to contested wills and contested estate administrations, because this is the focus on his firm.

Our Approach Helps Your Family Avoid Litigation Down The Road

At our firm, we also counsel individuals on how to draft a will or trust document to avoid probate litigation in the future. Our attorney advocates keeping all heirs and family members informed about your intentions when you draft a will. We believe that this approach to estate planning can avoid family disputes down the road.

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