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Why Do You Need An Executor/Administrator?

An executor is the individual or corporation charged with carrying out the wishes of the deceased, as outlined in a will. A trustee is the individual or corporation responsible for administering a trust. An executor or trustee can be a family member, a bank, an attorney or a trusted friend.

It can be a difficult job, especially if the estate or trust is complex or extensive.

Our attorney, Adam Bernick, has acted as executor/administrator of estates and trustee of trusts on numerous occasions in Philadelphia and other parts of Pennsylvania. He is very familiar with the fiduciary responsibilities of such positions.

How Does The Process Work?

Our attorney can assume these positions of fiduciary responsibility either because he was named as executor of a will or trustee of a trust, or the named executor resigned and nominated Adam Bernick to assume the executor duties. On occasion, he has been named the alternate executor. On other occasions, he has been appointed by the Registrar of Wills as a result of a dispute surrounding the named executor or proposed administrator.

Why Choose The Law Office Of Adam S. Bernick For These Duties?

Our lawyer, Adam Bernick, thoroughly understands the details of the position of executor/administrator and trustee. He takes the fiduciary duty of the job very seriously, employing the highest ethical standards. He knows all the procedures required, has experience in selling and evaluating assets and is sensitive in his efforts to resolve family disputes that often arise in settling an estate or managing a trust.

We Welcome Inquires. We Can Help.

If you need an attorney to perform the fiduciary duties of an executor / administrator of an estate or trustee of a trust, contact attorney Law Office of Adam S. Bernick at 215-563-8783 or send the firm an email.